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The Story
Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett is an outstanding, modern, full-service, two-campus hospital. The one thing it has going against it is its proximity to Seattle, a mere 30 minutes away. For the most acute conditions, an unacceptably large percentage of Everett-area residents make the trip south, despite the fact that first-rate care is right in their backyard. 

The Solution
No one would give much credibility to a campaign that blatantly said, "we're really good, you should stay home for your care." We suggested, instead, that a third party tell that story. In this case, those third parties would be people who are better equipped than the average Joe to assess the quality of a hospital's care — physicians. The creative twist: we didn't reveal they were doctors until the end of each commercial.

The Results
According the most recent NRC surveys, advertising recall, top of mind awareness, preference for inpatient care, "quality/image" perceptions for Providence in Everett are at a four-year high. It's not all the result of this advertising, of course, but the campaign clearly supported improvements in care and patient experience.