About Worker Bees

Who we are and why we're not for everyone.


Meet Larry Asher
Worker Bees was founded in 1992 by Larry Asher, an award-winning copywriter and creative director with a penchant for delivering smart, insightful, cut-to-the-chase strategies. After working for a varied list of clients, including Nike, DHL Express, Washington Lottery, and Vulcan Real Estate, Larry came to realize the good sense of specialization. So, for the past decade-plus, Worker Bees has focused on developing marketing communications for healthcare clients, including Regence BlueCross and BlueShield, Swedish Medical Center, Providence Health & Services, the Puget Sound High Value Network ACO, and Skagit Regional Health.


The rest of the bees
Larry leads a team of healthcare-savvy specialists who handle project management, art direction and design, production management, market research, and web development. What they all have in common is an extraordinary amount of experience. Except for the web team, every Worker Bee has at least 20 years in marketing communications under their belt. There's an obvious advantage to having senior people work on your projects. For healthcare clients there's another more subtle benefit: We're all 40-plus. As a result, we've either had our own healthcare experiences or we're the point people for elderly parents. That's not inconsequential when you're marketing to people who are, well, very much like you.


What moves our meter
Our approach to solving marketing problems is based on a few incontrovertible assumptions:
1. Most people don't believe advertising.
2. What they do believe is what they experience firsthand.
3. The best advertising drives people to an experience.
4. Good advertising is unusually honest and real (see item #1).
With this set of beliefs, you'll find us steering clear of braggy, say-nothing promotional campaigns. We lean, instead, in the direction of calls-to-action and volume-building. If you prefer the former, we're probably not the best choice.


More than you may want to know  
If you'd like to be utterly convinced of the value of doing something useful for your audience, rather than just telling them how marvelous your organization is, may we recommend Do or Die? Larry Asher authored it — the first full-length business book released as a tablet app — for and with the chairman of Razorfish, Clark Kokich. Our point was to demonstrate how marketers can use technology to create a more meaningful relationship with customers and prospects than is possible via traditional advertising. It's an argument we make via eight case studies from Nike, Vail Resorts, Volkswagen, and others. Do or Die is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and at the iTunes app store for iPad, Kindle Fire, Kindle, and Nook. Or it's free if you call us.