MD2MD Marketing

The Story
Swedish's Issaquah medical center introduced a number of new services and procedures that area primary care physicians and specialists didn't know were offered at that campus. The dilemma — one that many medical providers face — is how do you reach very busy and "communications immune" doctors with a professional, educational message to spur new referral patterns?

The Solution
Getting in to see referring physicians at their offices is becoming more and more difficult as production demands preclude taking time out for what doctors see as a sales call. Traditional direct mail also has limited effectiveness, as promotional mail is screened (and typically recycled) by front office staff. Our recommendation was to produce brief, affordably produced videos where specialists could directly introduce their services to referring physicians. The videos were distributed directly to referring MDs' email inboxes with a subject line that promised useful patient information that could be consumed in less than two minutes.

The Results
Regrettably, we can't share the tracking information on this campaign as it's proprietary. What we can share is the anecdotal reports from the specialists who were featured in the videos. They reported that they saw a definite bump in their volume as a result of this campaign.