Maternity Marketing

The art of attracting patients who haven't even been born.

The Story
More babies are born each year at Swedish than any other hospitals in Western Washington. That's a good thing. But on the downside, newer birthing centers at suburban hospitals constantly try to chip away at Swedish's OB volume. 

The Solution
Because most moms choose their OBs, and not their hospitals, the first priority was to get those moms to meet docs who deliver at Swedish face-to-face. The answer came in the form of OB Speed Dating, an evening event at the hospital where parents-to-be can meet several providers in a few minutes. For those prospective patients who couldn't come to Swedish, we took Swedish to them, via a surprisingly touching video (and companion brochure) featuring couples and their new Swedish babies.  


The Results
In spite of some of the lowest birth rates in a century, Swedish continues to hold and build maternity market share. In fact, Swedish set an historical record for live births in 2013, with more than 9,000 new lives entering the world at a Swedish maternity center. Currently, birth center tour reservations are filled to capacity six weeks in advance. Finally, while we're not sure awards mean all that much, the Happy Birth Day marketing materials were awarded Best in Show by the Healthcare Marketing Awards.