Bariatric Surgery

A very real twist on the old "before-and-after" pictures cliche.

The Story
Competition for bariatric surgery patients is fierce in Western Washington, with almost every hospital and a few independent clinics trying to attract the same patients. What they're attracting them to is a seminar that's mandatory before prospective patients can proceed with a surgical consult. So the question is, how can you create advertising disruptive and different enough from everything else out there in the weight loss category that will get someone to watch and then take action?

The Solution
To distinguish Swedish's advertising we knew it was essential to stay away from the cliche of "my old big pants" or the typical array of "before-and-after" photos. Instead, we placed our Swedish patient next to a life-size cutout of her former self. Before shooting a scripted :30 TV spot, we did this impromptu, unscripted reveal which yielded a commercial more powerful than anything you could ever write.

The Results
Shortly after this campaign broke, average seminar attendance doubled. The campaign continues to yield a positive ROI for Swedish.